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What is ABA therapy?

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the systematic evaluation and application of evidence-based interventions aimed at producing changes in behavior. ABA programs are used to improve communication and social abilities, decrease problem behaviors, and help teach other necessary skills.  ABA is a highly individualized method of intervention that is systematic, supportive of learning, and flexible in how things are taught.  

Through observation and strong relationships behavior analysts work diligently to find what motivates young learners to learn in a fun and positive way.  We understand that all learners are unique and that the best learning happens when learners are having fun.  

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Social Thinking Concepts

We focus on teaching social skills for the children we provide services for.

  • Joining and maintaining group activities

  • Following a peer’s lead in play

  • Problem solving when things don’t go his/her way

  • Elaborating on a play theme by sharing ideas and accepting a peer’s ideas

  • Joint attention of attending to the world around us

  • Social Rules; body awareness, eye-contact, interrupting while someone is talking

  • Conversation; understanding that conversation is reciprocal, asking questions

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