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Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process is described in detail below. Please note that wait times may vary based on individual needs, current openings, and communications with your specific insurance, as well as a variety of other factors. We try to give clients in the process of enrolling the most accurate information possible regarding their timeline.

Click the link bellow to fill out the Client History Information Form

Si usted es hispanohablante, por favor contacta su companīa de seguros para organizar servicios de traducción. Ahora mismo no tenemos traductores médicos certificados en nuestra centro. Éstamos trabajando para crear una forma de información médico en Español. Gracias por su paciencia.

1. Diagnosis

We are a non-profit agency that specializes in treating children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, and related developmental disabilities. We do not provide diagnosis of any medical conditions or disorders. Please note that we may not have qualified personnel to treat children who have been diagnosed with any major co-occurring conditions such as blindness, metastasized cancer, significant hearing loss, Down’s Syndrome, uncontrolled seizures, Rhett’s Disorder, or severe delays in motor development. However, each application for services will be considered on a case-by-case basis and you are encouraged to provide any information related to diagnosis that will aid us in reviewing your application. Please also note that a diagnosis is required by insurance companies prior to qualifying for any portion of reimbursement for cost of services. Please contact your insurance company with questions related to your coverage options.

2. Contact Us

Please fill out a Client History Information Form, and send any relevant materials such as your child's diagnosis letter and ABA prescription to, or attach it to your client history information form. Our staff will assist you in accessing the paperwork required to be completed in order to request an intake appointment. Once paperwork has been completed you will be contacted to schedule an intake appointment. 

3. Intake

Intake appointments generally are conducted either by the Program Director and/or the Executive Director. These appointments may be completed either at the home or at our center location, depending on the individual situation of each client/family. During this hour-long appointment, A Hope For Autism staff will interact directly with your child, as well as acquire relevant information from you.

4. Assessment

Assessments generally are conducted either by the Program Manager and/or the Executive Director. These appointments may be completed either at the home or at our center location, depending on the individual situation of each client/family. During this process, A Hope for Autism will interact directly with your child to determine current skill levels, deficits and rates of behavior excess. This assessment may also include parent/child observation, and additional parent interview.

5. Recommendation for Services

Based on the information gathered during the intake, as well as the completed assessment, a comprehensive report is written to identify and address your child’s current skill levels across targeted domains, as well as current behavior excesses.  In addition, the report includes specific program placement recommendations and goals.  When determining these recommendations and goals AHFA takes numerous factors into consideration, including the child’s current schedule (i.e., school, other therapies/commitments), the child’s learning style, and parent/guardian’s ability to participate in the program.

6. Enrollment

Once an intake has been completed, a treatment plan has been developed, a recommendation for services has been submitted, and funding for services has been arranged/approved, we will enroll your child in one or more of our programs.

7. Programming

Following the approval of the submitted report by parents and/or funding agencies, services will begin. Session days and times will be established prior to the beginning of programming and, unless the Office/Program Manager receives notification of a change, are expected to be adhered to.

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